Basic Package

Our Basic Package includes filing of all necessary forms with the state to create your LLC, we can also help you to file for your local business license if you do not already have one. We provide you with a standard operating agreement that allows you to take advantage of the full range of LLC tax benefits. We recommend this option for small LLCs whose members do not expect large amounts of outside income. 

$500*Pricing does not include local, state or Federal filing or licensing fees.

For a complete list of California filing fees go here:

DIY Package  

We offer you step by step instructions on filling and filing required forms, like the Articles of Organization and your Statement of Information. We will provide you with a basic template to create your operating agreement and an explanation of the do's and don'ts. We recommend this option only for those who are comfortable with legal concepts and the basics of contracting. We will also review your final operating agreement at no additional charge.

$150*Pricing does not include local, state or Federal filing or licensing fees.

Custom Package

We offer an in depth consultation and follow up to ensure a full understanding of your business and tax needs. We draft and file all documents including a fully customized operating agreement. Your operating agreement will be thoroughly vetted to reflect the vision of all founding members. Please note that LLCs with one or two members will usually take significantly less time than complex agreements between multiple parties.

$250/hr*Pricing does not include local, state or Federal filing or licensing fees.

LLC Formation Services

An LLC can be the simplest entity to form, or it can  require the most thought and care. An LLC is an extremely flexible business form that allows members to divide profits, losses, and management between members as they see fit. It offers tax benefits and management configurations not available to corporations. A clear understanding of each founder's needs is required to take full advantage of the LLC.

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