Starkweather Law


If you're facing an audit, don't face it alone. Before you speak to the IRS, speak with us. The IRS is skilled at getting taxpayers to say to much, we are skilled at telling the IRS only what they need to know. Don't be fooled, be represented.

Tax Debts

If you have past due taxes or tax debts from a prior issues we can help. We are skilled at dealing with the IRS and FTB, whether that is just working out a payment plan or submitting a successful Offer in Compromise (OIC) we can help put your tax problems behind you.

Tax Returns

We can prepare your 1120S or your 1065 with K-1's at a highly competitive rate. Inquire for rates:

Stock Options

We can help you set-up an option plan and evaluate all of your compliance issues with section 83, 409A, and 451 of the Tax Code. If you want to reward your founders and executives or merely incentivize your employees we can help.

International Planning Services

Whether you need help advising foreign clients on ITIN's and IRS filings required for their investments, or you need to protect your assets and minimize your tax burden we can help you.

Tax Services

We offer a full spectrum of tax services: Corporate and Partnership returns; stock option planning and compliance; structuring International businesses and deals; helping you with your tax debt against the Taxing authorities; and planning your business transactions to minimize your tax burden.